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Advisory and Consulting

Technical Assessments and Consultancy Works

Technical Assessments and Consultancy Works

  • processing and production ,productivity factors control ,outputs andbenefits.
  • man power assessment, training and retraining needs.
  • mechanical assessment machine state ,maintenance programs, accessories and spare parts.
  • production lines development and upgrading , bottle necks solutions.
  • materials flow assessment , semi products control ,stock control.
  • cost efficiency reporting.
  • quality systems and management QC –QA.
  • innovations and new trends.


Technical and Scientific Documents Translation

  • Release and Articles Translation
  • Books and Leaflets Translation
  • Auditing ,Inspection and Technical Reports Translation
  • Curricula and Lecturing Materials Translation
  • Pedagogical and Methodology Materials Translation
  • Studies and Projects Translation
  • Other Similar Documents Translation

Applied Techniques and Industrial Management Translation

  • All Kinds of Technical Evaluation and Auditing Documents Translation
  • Industrial Advisory and Consultancy Reports Translation
  • Industrial Reporting and Outputs Translation( production, mechanical state of machines ,quality reporting and assessment ,production planning ,material flow and stocks ,spare parts ,accessories,inventories….)
  • Management Meetings and Reporting Translation
  • HR and Administrative Reporting Translation
  • Quality Control ,Quality Assurance ,and Quality Management Reporting Translation

Engineering , Construction , and Architectural Works Translation

  • Plans, Drawings and Structures Translation
  • Technical Specifications and Books of Conditions Translation
  • Bills of Quantities ,Claims or Others Translation
  • Project Description and Details, Works, Materials ,Equipment and Other Details Translation
  • New Materials Methods or Equipment Specifications Translation

Direct Consecutive or Instant Translation

  • Accompanying Experts or Consultants Translation
  • Instant Translation of Meetings or Seminars
  • Any Direct Events Translation

Conference and Seminars

Conference and Seminars

Conference and Seminars Organization Services

  • Preparation and organization
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Documentation and follow up
  • Seminars, Conferences, Meetings and Training
  • Hospitality and accomodation
  • Conference facilities and equipments

Education and Training

Education and Training Institutional Works

Education and Training Institutional Works

  • translation ,adaptation and accommodation of all education or training documents
  • elaboration of education or training documents based on CBT competency based training
  • mechanical engineering curricula development
  • textile engineering and technicians curricula development
  • construction ,furbishing and finishing civil engineering works curricula

Project Management

Project Management And Follow Up, Feasibility Studies

Project Management And Follow Up, Feasibility Studies

  • projects studies elaboration(requirements, equipment, staffing, fixed assets, workshops and budgeting
  • projects management and follow up (offers study and evaluation ,contracting , implementation, start up, functioning and reception )
  • industrial projects feasibility study
  • commercial activities and market studies
  • services activities studiesn
  • educational institutions studies


Our clients say

The exemplary customer service we've received from Alkhouri Group far exceeds what we've received from other translation firms. The staff has been responsive to our requests and attentive to our needs. They have always gone the extra mile to deliver translations under difficult time constraints

Alkhouri Group has always been pleasant to work with. The project managers are well-versed in desktop publishing, which makes it easier to get my project up and going.

Alkhouri Group were great to work with from the very start of the process. They interpreted the concept, adviced us where it didn't make sense and were creative. Very professional and supportive team.

Between all the designers in Dubai, Alkhouri Group were the most creative team, they have done all the designs we need in very short time and it was great, I will work with them again for sure.

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